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Elora is the Queen of the Trylle and Wendy's mother. She lives in the Palace in Forening. She was married to Oren, the King of Vittra.


She is cold and stern woman, sometimes she is cruel. Not many people are close to her but she had an affair with Finn's father, Thomas. She seems to like Willa's father, Garret Strom.


Elora may seem like a cold and stern woman, but that is mostly a front due to her being Queen. She didn't always have a hard exterior, and that changed after getting politically married to Oren. She watched her mother get killed in front of her, and rush delivered Wendy while on the run from Oren. She had an affair with Finn's father and according to Rhys, "Elora was in love with him. She's strange when she's in love. Her face is different, softer and more radiant." Rhys believed that Elora was willing to throw it all away for him but he never loved her, and chose his wife.

She deeply cares about Wendy, often using her precognitive sight to paint pictures throughout Wendy's childhood knowing the consequences it would do to her health and body.

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